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Monthly/Weekly classes:
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Behavior Modification

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet. Often people accept bad behaviors, thinking that they can not be eliminated. My services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your animal. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their pets, come away with every time - guaranteed. I STOP dogs from ending up at shelters and keep them in their homes where they belong. 

I teach dogs to have a calm state of mind. I stop unwanted behaviors, and I teach command training. I cover all areas from walking nicely on a leash, eliminating leash reactivity, jumping, nipping, not listening, separation anxiety, crate issues, fear, resource guarding, digging, chasing,  and all aspects of puppy training. 

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Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification and Obedience Training

If your animal needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, Behavior Modification with Loose Leashes Dog Training may be a great option for you. Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home for optimal results in realistic environments. Sessions are about 2 hours long. I will provide your pet with the behavior modification needed personalized to fit your and your dogs needs. You will be left with the knowledge of how to have the best life possible with your new well behaved and calmer dog.

Most common issues are resource guarding, crate issues, dog aggression, minor human aggression, jumping, leash pulling, reactivity/aggression, protectiveness, fear and anxiety, hyper activity, car issues, digging, basic unruly behaviors, and dogs just not listening.

First session is 2 hours and will include a training collar (valued at $30) for $195. Additional sessions are $175 for 90 minutes if you get a package of 2 sessions. If not, they are $195 each. If  you choose 2, please book them about 3 weeks apart.

There is an additional $20 fee for training in NSB, Deltona, Deland, and Edgewater. If you are in one of these areas we can arrange a session at my house in Ormond by the Sea so no distance fee applied.

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Puppy Socialization Day

Socializing and Training

The ABSOLUTE most important thing you need to do as a puppy owner is to socialize, socialize, and socialize even more! Puppies should be socialized with tons of other dogs (about 5 new dogs a week from age 8 weeks to 16 weeks!!), different environments, different people and more. In our puppy socialization group we work on teaching appropriate puppy play and social skills, as well as basic obedience training. We also do agility for fun and confidence building especially for the fearful pups and exposure to water and swimming when the weather allows. Dogs can be dropped off to play with new friends.

Tuesdays at 9AM is the big breed puppy social. Puppies have to be 10 months or younger. This is for puppies over 30 lbs. 

The smaller breed puppies or puppies that are under about 30 lbs are from 12:15 to 1:45 pm on Tuesdays. Age is more flexible for smaller pups as long as there is no aggression. I often allow fearful bigger pups to attend this social if they have little experience with dogs so they are less intimidated. 

Puppies that are currently in training with me are welcome to come but I cannot take puppies that are not part of my program. All puppies must be vaccinated for what they are able to have according to their age. If you dog has shown ANY sign of sickness (cough, runny nose, diarrhea) please do not send them.

I also offer smaller group socials and confidence building/agility with my personal dogs for adult Loose Leashes Dogs as long as their is no dog aggression. This is by appointment only and can be for 1 or 2 hours. Cost is $60 for one hour or $100 for two.

Please understand that if you ever need to cancel for socialization to let me know in advance so that I could let another dog come in that spot. We do lots of swim training and water exposure so your pup is going to be wet :) 

I welcome anyone who comes to socials to exchange numbers and meet up for playtime. I also have an ongoing sign-up sheet at my socialization groups for people to exchange phone numbers. I have also created an online sign up sheet for owners to meet up. Just go to

Videos from social are posted on LL Facebook page or Youtube Channel on same say as social. Watch your pup having the best day ever!

If we work together as a team we can have happier and more well balanced dogs.

The cost for puppy social group is $40 or it can be part of the Puppy Package which is 2 social groups and 2 private sessions. 

Extended hours for early drop off and/or late pickup are available for an additional $10.

Owners will get to see their puppies having so much fun and in action with a video provided at the end of every social day posted on Facebook at .

Puppies can be as young as 9 weeks, but must have the first round of vaccines. I only take dogs under a year old for large breed social groups. Your dog must be on flea prevention to get to play with all the other dogs :).

Click below to watch a social!

Puppy Training (2 Sessions and 2 Socials)

This is the most popular choice for puppy owners. This will not be 4 consecutive weeks. Puppy training focuses on potty training, crate training, socialization, leash walking, feeding, and of course, command training. You will also learn how to stop unwanted behaviors such as jumping, biting, chasing, mouthing, humping, picking up things off the ground, whining, counter surfing, barking, and more!

Two private 2 hour sessions in your home and 2 socialization groups (2 hour drop off) at my home in Ormond by the Sea ($80 value) for $410. There is a $20 additional fee for NSB, Deltona, Deland, or Edgewater.  If you are in one of these areas we can often arrange a session at my house in Ormond by the Sea so that there is no distance fee applied.  I start puppy training at 8-9 weeks old (recommended).

Individual 2 hour puppy sessions for $195 each.

Puppy training focuses on potty training, crate training, socialization, leash walking, mouthing, biting, jumping, feeding, commands (sit, down, come, stay, NO), dropping things, digging, chasing, and self control).

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Zoom/Skype/Facetime Virtual Training Sessions

60 Minute Video Chat

If you live far away, or have limited availability that makes it difficult to have an in home training session, Virtual Training Sessions are now available!  Clients will purchase specific training equipment prior to sessions and be trained on how to use them. Video chatting will allow for 100% guidance while working with your dog.  You will be taught proper training techniques to help you resolve almost every issue. You would be able to submit videos of the dog displaying different behaviors so we can come up with a solid game plan on how to address the issues you are struggling with and get you on the proper track. You and your family will walk away with an abundance of information and knowledge and understanding on how to make your dog DO certain things (such as command training) and how to STOP doing things such as barking, leash pulling, jumping, and having different types of anxieties.  Sessions are $100. or search Loose Leashes Dog Training on Facebook

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Agility Training

Every dog should have the chance to do some agility training. It is good for confidence building, its amazing mental and physical stimulation, it is something your dog doesn't get to do all the time, and it is just plain fun! Dogs LIVE for agility. When you sign up for 60 minutes of agility, your dog will jump lots of hurdles, walk balance beams, run along ramps and though tunnels and teeter tottering again and again! They are always reluctant in the beginning but then catch on real quick. That is when the fun begins and that is how we break through fears.

Price for 60 minute agility training is $100 and this is a drop off program done at my home in Ormond Beach. Agility training will be 45 minutes plus an extra 15 minutes with owner involved optional.

Agility plus socialization is 2 hour drop off and the cost is $150.  This will be small group social meaning your dog and my pack of 6 so your dog will have plenty of one on one with me.

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Leash Training: "The Loose Leash"

Leash training is by far the most problematic issue. Most dogs have a mind of their on the walks and are not getting any mental stimulation from it.  Watch your dog change from being all over the place, sniffing, marking, lunging, and barking into a working mode in a heel position with a Loose Leash in the matter of minutes. Sessions are $185 including Herm Sprenger prong collar ($30 value). Deltona, Deland, Edgewater, NSB,  Palm Coast North of Palm Coast Parkway, Deleon Springs, and Debary costs an additional $20. If leash walking is your ONLY issue, you would choose this for training. If your dog is leash reactive with dogs, it is often best to come to my house in Ormond by the Sea so we can practice with my dogs, unless you are sure that you can get people near by to have their dogs out during our session. Session is 1.5-2 hours depending on leash aggression or just excitement, pulling....  

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What is so important about a structured walk??

If you've ever done a training session with me before or we have just spoken you probably have heard me use the phrase structured walk again and again and again. Not a lot of people understand why the structured walk is so important so I thought of a good comparison...

A few months ago I was having some heart issues, falling asleep driving, and just being a bit more anxious than normal. I was completely exhausted all the time. I started going to the gym and when I would go I would just do some basic treadmill or bike, maybe some weights here and there. These things made me sweat a little bit but I was pretty much on my phone texting or doing dog rescue stuff the whole time, never really engaged. My head was never in it. I would work out until I felt like stopping and when I got tired I didn't push myself any further. Then I decided to try taking a class. Since then, my life has changed. I now go to SPIN religiously as well as some personal training and some other classes. I am being pushed SO SO SO hard that I walk out of classes soaking with sweat and I am ready to go for the entire day. I am mentally focused, less anxious, building some self confidence, and not nearly as tired. As I am in these classes, I am so incredibly focused. I do not check my phone I just do whatever they tell me to do. It is almost like I am in a completely different world while I am there. This is SO different than what I was doing before and the benefits have been amazing.

SO why am I posting this on my dog training page? What I am doing for the last 6 months is like going on daily structured walks. No sniffing, no stopping, no making my own decisions. Just plain focus, lots of mental stimulation which makes the whole day different. When your dogs are not getting structured walks and just free play in a big yard or walks where they do whatever they want, the rest of the day for them is very unsettling because at no point are they being challenged or using their brains. Dogs NEED challenges, especially working breeds. If they are not challenged, they get into trouble. They have issues, they are too hyper, they are anxious, they are aggressive. 

Let's help our dogs learn to focus and give them a good work out for their mind, body, and soul and take them on at least one structured walk a day. They will thank you for it by being much more well behaved and much better listeners!

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To train with Loose Leashes Dog Training, review the different services offered below and then book your appointment through the book online page. It is your responsibility to review all training videos on Client’s Corner page prior to booking so you understand the balanced training methods and tools.

Cancellation Policy: Once you book your appointment, the payment is non-refundable. Payments may be credited only if rescheduled within 3 days except for socials.  If you choose to rehome your dog prior to training, the fee is still non-refundable. 

Due to the high demand of social groups, if you do not show up, or decide to cancel, the $40 fee will not be refunded and it will still count as part of your puppy package included socials. This is due to the popularity and a waiting list. 

The address for social group is 35 Juniper Dr, OB 32176

**Appointments are about 3 weeks wait right now. Please fill out a form on the Client's Corner page; this form is required to be completed prior to your session. Without the form, I won't know what assistance you need with your dog. It is very difficult for me to speak on the phone to discuss your dog's issues, but whatever they are, I can help your dog overcome them  :)

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