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Ok seriously I waited WAY too long too hire her. Dana is ridiculous! She is so good. If I had known that she would change my life in this way, I would have hired her the minute we brought our Tank home. We have an 80 lb pitbull that is sweet and lovable but a hellion when it comes to walks and guests coming. ONE VISIT! One visit from Dana and our lives changed. The best money I have ever spent in my life! She taught me how to communicate with our dog. He listens now. One walk around the block and he is exhausted from being a perfect dog! She is absolutely amazing. I literally can't recommend her enough. Please do not doubt your urge to hire her. She is 100% the best!!!!

Tank, Angela Powers

We had our first training lesson yesterday and our Golden puppy is already a different dog! He doesn’t jump on us or the kids, knows to stay in his place while our kids are eating. Walks by our side without jerking us around. He finally has manners and listens! Dana is by far the best dog trainer we’ve had and is definitely a dog whisperer! We can’t say thank you enough!

Parker, Rhianna Walker

Dana is so personable and professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone. Within a very short time she had my Pom/chi under control. He was very dog aggressive while on a leash. He actually went up to another dog and sniffed his nose QUIETLY! He’s a new dog and I’m very happy. Also helped my much calmer dog (Longhair chi) from pulling on leash and sniffing every dog marking.  
Great job!

Floki, Christina Cruze

I have a AGGRESSIVE GSD and decided to add a puppy to our family but knew a experienced trainer was in order. I fell upon Dana Conway of Loose Leashes by luck and it has been my luckiest day of my life. I was not even sure that my GSD of 7 years would accept another family member but was willing to take the risk. After merging the two Dana came to our rescue to help me train BOTH dogs. My puppy is 4 months old and will do all basic commands, walks on a LOOSE LEASH will place without moving does not jump nor act crazy as puppies are known for unless he is playing with my 7 year old AGGRESSIVE GSD. Yes ...let me tell you we have had a HUGE breakthrough! This dog looked at all dogs as a threat and not just dogs anything headed my way. Being geared toward protection I thought I would never be able to venture out in public and accepted that. Guess what as of yesterday we were in and around other dogs for the first time in our lives, with very little aggression. More work to be done but my lands what a breakthrough. Don't hesitate call Dana with issues and know help is on the way. Oh and BTW we have used two other trainers before Dana Conway!!!

Booker and Bri, Connie Smith

"Being dragged around by a 75 lb. pup was not good at all with no control at all. Met with Dana and in 5 minutes she had the pup walking by her side with ease. I was completely floored! All commands were done with no trouble. I asked about the pup in the car as he wanted to get in the front seat and I could not hold him back - problem solved in a minute! It is so wonderful to be able to walk the pup and go for drives now. Dana is truly the Dog Whisperer. Thank you Dana!!"

Sir Winston, Mickie Westfall

OMG I don't even know where to begin! I was at my breaking point crying with my 2 dogs & honestly thought there was NO HOPE. I have a Husky & GS/Husky mix. Walking was like doing the Iditarod and then some. Dana arrived at my house & with in 15 minutes she had me walking them & they were by my side with loose leashes. NO PULLING! I have never enjoyed a walk more. Then we moved on to the doors & the race to be first out or just get out. Before I would be fighting to keepthem back in hopes that they didn't get out on me. Now they sit & wait for my permission to go out the door. I have stood there with the door wide open & they waited!!!! AMAZING!! Both the dogs were very destructive & have destroyed 8+ pairs or shoes, most of my xmass decorations, & basically anything they could destroy. Dana taught ME what to do to redirect their behavior. It is working!!! They go into their cages without a fight now & no more crying to be let out because they don't like them. We went to Petsmart, which is usually a massive nightmare (Xanax time) but this time they walked by my side keeping attention ahead of them & they were not distracted by the other dogs. WOW!!! Now when I say wait they now sit and give me eye contact waiting for permission to move. If I say down they get down. I could go on.... Let's put it this way, After she left & I did the night walk with them "by myself" I had tears in my eyes & I can honestly say I never loved my dogs more. Our walks are so enjoyable now for all of us & once we are home you can see they are much happier dogs! Funny thing is I have a 3rd dog whom I did not include in the training - he is much older, but he has picked up on the cues I give the other two & is also listening & following some of the directions. (he is a bit stubborn:)) Dana is THE HOPE when you feel that there is none!!!! Thank you Sophie's Circle for the dogs & the referral to Dana!

Winter, Mary Murphy Glenn

Thank goodness for Dana!!!!! I have two shelties and one is super-excitable. He barks a LOT and it has been nearly impossible to stop the excessive barking. I had read many books, paid many trainers, used various techniques and tools, and consulted several veterinarians regarding the excessive barking. Nothing worked. A few weeks ago Dana brought a new tool--a simple aerosal spray--into our home and our sheltie quickly learned to control his barking! (Old dogs really can learn new tricks.  :-)) Dana's patience and modeling how to work with our dog made all the difference. I highly recommend Dana to you, should you have a need for a dog trainer. She is fabulous!!!! Thanks sooooo much, Dana.

Alfie, Maria Finn

“We were at our wit's end with our 4 month old black lab mix that we adopted from the Humane Society. He was literally tearing up our house. He was jumping & biting so bad that everyday my husband was bleeding from another wound that he inflicted on him & forget about walking on a leash....and on & on...he was the dog from hell!!! Then with the recommendation of one of our neighbors, we called Dana Conway at Loose Leashes Dog Training & in just 2 sessions she has changed our Rocky into a different dog! Under her instruction the biting & jumping has almost stopped...he walks on a leash like a perfect gentleman & our house is no longer getting torn's a miracle & we have this amazing lady to thank for this transformation!!! Of course he still needs to be reminded every now & then to mind his manners, but with alot of love & patience & using Dana's method of training Rocky will be an adorable, loveable doggy!!! Thank you Dana Garguilo Conway from the bottom of our hearts!!!.”

Rocky, Debbie Phillips

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